Heya, Welcome!

I don't expect you to remember all of this information I put in front of you! There WILL be some inside jokes that you won't get, so be warned.Hello! I am Zayden Morales. I am currently in 11th grade (or year 12 if you're Bri'ish). I was born on May 5, 2005, in Illinois, so I am 17 years old, which means I'm a minor! I usually go by he/him, but any pronoun except she/her is also fine. I am bisexual, greysexual, and a demiboy! I have ADHD, autism, anxiety, and emotional issues, so go easy on me!In case you didn't know, I'm an orange and blue dragon*, who is a graphic designer who creates memes, art, and animations. I currently run a YouTube channel since 2011. The main objective is to teach the basics of art, make animations, and most importantly to put a smile on the viewers faces!If weird videos are more your thing, that's cool; I also make them. I also created Camp PLAGUE, which I think is really great. With almost 2k subscribers, I am thankful for my fans who supported me along the way. On Twitter, however, I'm renowned for being a little bitch.My enjoyment of making these videos are for fun and entertainment for many fandoms, such as the object show community, furry fandom, and mapping community. I'm fascinated with geography, puzzles, and meaningless facts, mostly concerning numbers and things. I also like to draw and do a variety of things. That's it from me!

* I'm obviously a human irl, but I like to identify as my fursona for comfort reasons. I just want to get out and embrace my inner creativity.

Unus... Annus... Unus... Annus!

    When the clock hits zero, I want you to shoot me. If I turn 19, shoot me again.

    Contributions to Society

    You Can't Rush Art!

    Below are some digital art pictures I made! You may enjoy them, since I don't do commissions xD

    Site Your Sources!

    How It's Made:Adobe Animate 2021 for animation, assets, and some art
    ibisPaintX for digital art
    paint.net for image editing, and to provide transparent background
    Kinemaster for video and audio editing
    An Omen computer, and a Predator gaming monitor
    Fonts:Albertus for object show things sometimes. Seen in BFB.
    Helvetica (Neue)* for more generic, formal, stiff, and serious things.
    Poller One for my channel theme and logo.
    Poppins* for more fun text. Can be seen in more recent episodes of Camp PLAGUE.
    Ubuntu* for more general (but fun) things. Heck, it's even used here. Also for the birthday clock.
    Verdana* for more generic, formal, stiff, and serious things. I like making things look like a big test!
    Work Sans* for the titles and subtitles of this carrd.
    Theme Colors:#EC7B60 - The channel's orange. Used in titles
    #28BFCF - The channel's blue. Used in subtitles, and the navigation buttons above.
    #FFD9EC - The current background of this carrd, and the wiki.

    * This font is available in carrd.

    Ya Gotta Stop First!

    The best thing people can do to others is to respect them. The best thing you can do to me is to respect me. That's why this is here. I understand that there is too much information here. It'll be okay to not remember this.

    Things To Keep Note Of

    ◆ = VERY IMPORTANT◆ First and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have a dark past, (you probably have heard of it) and I am uncomfortable with talking about it. Please be cautious if you want to be friends with me.◆ I'm a highly sensitive person, so I don't take criticism without consent. Yelling and/or being impatient with me won't do. It makes me worse. I also have extreme anger issues, so I get pissed off really easily. I sometimes have outbursts as a result , so don't take anything I say too seriously.◆ If I'm sad or anything, it looks like I'm trying to attention seek/guilt trip/etc. I don't do that! I just try to express how I'm feeling, and this is my method!◇ I get confused about many things, such as some parts of the LGBTQ community, triggers, and recent things. I need explanations a lot.◇ I forget everyone's pronouns all of the time, so don't get mad at me when I call you by they/them.◇ I also forget other's triggers, so if you see a trigger that I didn't tag, then that's my fault.◇ I talk and/or vent about my life outside of the Internet. If I get annoying or creepy, PLEASE let me know.

    That Was Squick!

    In order from most triggering to least. Any ◆ has a "backstory" that I'll be happy to explain if you ask.◆ Bringing up my dark past. Please. No more. I'm tired of running, as the backlash changed my character completely. There are some names that I can't stand being mentioned. cough Twi-◇ Criticism (of any kind) towards me and/or my work without my consent.◇ Yelling at me, especially when I'm already stressed.◇ Making fun of my constant typos.◆ NSFW in general, and/or of me.◇ Hatred, bullying, abuse, etc. towards anyone (excluding some on the DNI section). Homophobia and transphobia fall into this.◇ Detailed talk about death, rape, or anything people find gross.◆ Oversensitive and problematic people. Just, please don't...◆ Impossible or hard to read typing quirks. Like, WTF? Is this a secret code?◇ Mentions of ringworm, internal bleeding, or other things like that. Don't think it's okay to post images of these too.◇ Pedophilia and zoophilia (mixed feelings)◇ Videos or images of the earth getting destroyed or blowing up. (This one's weird, I know)◆ Shipping and head-canons. I'll allow it not to be tagged.

    Do Not Interact If...

    Any ◆ has a "backstory" that I'll be happy to explain if you ask.◇ You fit into regular DNI criteria.◇ Your account is meant for people 18 and over.◆ You start/participate in drama/flame wars◇ You're a Trump supporter◇ You negatively judge fandoms I'm in for little to no reason◇ You don't respect my opinions◇ You have a trigger for EATEOT. I talk about it sometimes.◆ You are sensitive to kinda serious topics, or a sensitive person in general.◆ You are an MCYT fan. Only the toxic ones where they think colors = ship. HOLY SHIT IT'S DNF- shut up.◆ You just hate me in general (I see you. Leave me alone)◇ and MOST IMPORTANTLY if you are racist.

    The Award Ceremony


    Adler ◇ Audra ◇ BallDoesYT ◇ BFBAnimates ◇ BlocklyGD ◇ CarrieTheOnions* ◇ carykh ◇ Chattiecattie ◇ Chubby_Yeen* ◇ Circle ◇ CoralTheFox ◇ Crap ◇ Cuppy ◇ Danidanijr ◇ Demi ◇ DigiProto ◇ Dove ◇ Ep35 ◇ Flamingbutters14 ◇ FourAnimations ◇ Graph ◇ GalacticStudio ◇ happilyy ◇ kimmel/slaymaster38 ◇ Kirbymasters87 ◇ LegitimateProgress86 ◇ milkbags1x ◇ NickelisCooler ◇ Orangepaprika77 ◇ Redbitlol ◇ Rubiks_20 ◇ Sharpyboy ◇ ShAsh ◇ Stabby ◇ szymsta_/Scarlett ◇ Willow ◇ Windy_gh10

    Italics = Could be a friend, but I'm not 100% sure
    If you consider us as friends, or if you want to be removed from the list, HMU me on Discord, or any other social and tell me!
    * Best Friend

    Communities I'm In

    ◇ Battle for Dream Island/Object Shows
    ◇ Polandball
    ◇ Furries
    ◇ Vexillology & Cartography
    ◇ Smosh
    ◇ Good Mythical Morning
    ◇ Epic Rap Battles Of History
    ◇ Everywhere at the End of Time
    ◇ Minecraft
    ◇ Chess
    ◇ Useless Facts
    ◇ Algodoo Marble Racing
    ◇ SpongeBob SquarePants

    Favorite Characters

    I just think they're neat! I don't kin anybody. Some characters are comfort characters. I won't specify which ones though.

    [Work in Progress]

    Psst! You read the end of the last page! You should type in "reward" in the domain box, replacing "interests". It'll be worth it!

    Thanks for playing!